Representative office

ENBC staff works as the Japan representatives of our international partner companies.

The ENBC staff members work for our partner companies as if they were their own staff in Japan. We take care of all the necessary work that has to be done in Japan: marketing, advertising, sales, telephone service and personal contact to the customers.
Of course, whenever one of our partners comes to Japan to meet directly with the customers, ENBC takes care of all preparations, attends the meetings and does all necessary interpretation work.
ENBC is not only a consultancy. We go all the way with our partners and develop the Japanese market together.

ENBC – the connection between the international partners and their Japanese customers.

We have partner contracts with a number of European producers of building materials. They always strive for perfect deliveries…but in case it happens that the goods do not come up to your expectations, ENBC members are there to check the claims. The Japanese customer does not have to discuss the claims directly with the foreign supplier, and so there is no need to worry about language or other communication barriers. Any claims or additional request by the Japanese customer are forwarded to the supplier by ENBC staff members – please feel free to voice any requests or opinions to ENBC without hesitation.

ENBC also translated product catalogues and other information which the producers publish into Japanese. We support the customers with correct information about the products, so that there is no misunderstanding.
As far as possible and requested by the partners, we also strive to support with the production of Japanese language sites. Whenever the Japanese customers need some information from Europe to be given in Japanese, we take care of it.

Please see the “Partner companies” pages for further information.

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