Market and Product Studies

What we can do for you

We often receive the call for service from companies who are considering to enter the Japanese market, but who wish to learn about the market situation, the distribution channels or other points specific to Japan beforehand. Our Japanese staff at ENBC carries out market and product studies, and prepares reports which fit the expectations and needs of the customers. Based on our experience and the constant working in the market, we are in a position to suggest to you the perfect sales and marketing strategy which fits your goals and your possibilities.

A trustful partnership without worries

If an international partner wishes to meet directly with the Japanese customers, or if the Japanese customers want to see the production and for this aim travel abroad, ENBC of course also supports such trips: We take care of all appointments, handle the travel details and attend your trip from arrival to departure, including translation services. We help to build a strong connection between the international suppliers and the Japanese customers – We consider this one of our very important tasks.

The best products for our Japanese customers

We also actively support inquiries from our Japanese customers, who wish us to find certain products. Using our wide international network, we try to find the very best product and partner who fit the needs and expectations of our customers.
If you have any questions concerning imported building materials, or you wish to discuss a product search with us, please feel free to call or mail us.

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